The company Real Spain Construction is ready to provide you practical assistance at all stages of the construction, beginning with the purchase of land and ending with the finishing work and landscaping.

Design and purchase of land for construction

  1. The purchase of the land and legal support. Depending on your needs, we will assist you in the search and selection of a suitable lot of land for construction; we will take care of all the hassle associated with paperwork.
  2. Individual design. If you want your home to be unique and unrepeatable, our architects will create a project based on your requirements and wishes.

Permitting and construction

  1. Obtaining permits. We will arrange to obtain the necessary documents, licenses and approvals by the relevant authorities.
  2. Construction. "Real Spain" acts as the general construction contractor; it manages the process of construction of the house until its delivery to the customer. We provide after-sales service of all engineering systems of your home upon the completion of construction works.

We build houses of any complexity using advanced building technologies.

Additional services:

Landscape design and landscaping;

Construction of exclusive pools;

Interior decoration works;

Plumbing installation;

Thermal insulation and the installation of the heating system (including solar energy);

Installation of electricity, alarm and video surveillance, Russian television, etc.