The experts of the company Real Spain Construction will help you to carry out installation of all including the latest heating systems in Spain. We provide a full range of works, including design, installation, warranty and post warranty maintenance of installed equipment. Our advantages: low price, only the latest technology and guarantee on all work performed.

Underfloor heating

The underfloor heating is carried out under the floor or the pipeline system, in which circulates hot fluid or electric spiral. This type of heating is one of the most efficient in terms of heating costs and the most effective in terms of creating an optimal indoor climate. The underfloor heating system creates favorable conditions for a person because of the natural circulation of heat and heating across the surface.

We can offer you the installation of both electric and water underfloor heating by heat pump, gas or diesel boilers, solar collectors.

Diesel heating

This type of heating is widely used for heating private houses. The heart of this system is a special boiler that runs on diesel fuel and it heats water circulating through the pipes to the heating elements (floor heating, radiators, taps with hot water). Some types of boilers provide the possibility of replacing the diesel burner on the gas, making it easier to switch to gas heating.

Since diesel boilers have a higher noise level compared with gas, they are installed in boilers with high sound insulation. The average of fuel consumption depends on the floor space and the degree of insulation of the building and it is in the range of 0.5 to 1 liter / hour. Advantages of heating diesel: fuel availability, ease of installation, no need of permits.

Electric heating with heat pump

The heating system consists of a heat pump, a heat exchanger (collector) located outdoors or buried in the ground and indirect heating boiler from which hot water is supplied by pipeline to the heating elements (floor heating, radiators). Heat pumps can be used alone or in combination with other alternative heat sources, such as solar panels.