The company Real Spain Construction performs the design, construction and after-sales service of swimming pools. With many years of successful experience in this field, we can build for you a pool of almost any type, size, shape and complexity.

Our main goal is to create for you a reliable, versatile, and most importantly, easy to use swimming pool. This is why we carry out the construction of a swimming pool along with the installation of a wide range of related equipment, water, cleaning and heating. This approach ensures the smooth operation of the entire mechanism for many years of operation.

We offer the following services:

  • Swimming pool construction "turn-key ready";
  • Create a project for the future construction;
  • Installation, start and adjustment;
  • Reconstruction works and old pool repair;
  • "Tuning" of the swimming pool with the installation of additional equipment and accessories;
  • Design with a wide range of finishing materials from the mosaic tiles to marble;
  • Construction of the indoor or outdoor pools of standard and unusual shapes.

The total cost of the pool is formed, depending on its size, shape and finishing materials, additional equipment and the type of soil in the field.